These high purity brass cylinder single stage regulators are designed to control high purity, noncorrosive gases for applications where precise control of delivery pressure is not necessary.

Recommended applications are in instrument analysis, automotive emissions testing, biological laboratories and chemical process plants where brass construction is acceptable.

The materials of construction will not contaminate the gas stream, and are highly resistant to inboard diffusion of atmospheric contamination. These regulators are able to withstand vacuums generated during purging operations.

Includes Sure-Seat™ technology for maximum life and gas purity. Learn more about Sure-Seat™.

Design Features for Specialty Gas Regulators, High Purity Analytical, Brass Cylinder, Single Stage Regulators

  • Filtered seat for added gas stream purity and extended service life
  • Stainless steel diaphragm for precise control of pressure
  • Large 2 – 1/2˝ easy to read single scale gauges
  • Rugged brass bar stock construction
  • Plated body, bonnet, and gauges for superior protection
  • Built in capturable preset safety relief valve
  • Body is tapped for rear panel mounting