Series 220

The Series 220 are these high purity two stage regulators recommended for high purity, noncorrosive pure gases and mixtures in applications where constant delivery pressures are required.

These regulators are ideally suited for the control of carrier gases or calibration mixtures used in gas chromatography such as thermal conductivity, flame ionization, flame photometry, and electron capture.

This two stage design allows for precise control from full to nearly empty cylinders and is recommended in applications where constant delivery pressures, regardless of fluctuations in cylinder pressure, are required.

An automatic reseating safety relief valve protects the regulator components from over pressurization. These regulators are able to withstand vacuums generated during purging operations.

Series 220 Design Features

  • Filtered seat for added gas stream purity and extended service life
  • Stainless steel diaphragm for precise control of pressure
  • Large 2 – 1/2˝ easy to read single scale gauges
  • Rugged brass bar stock construction
  • Plated body, bonnet, and gauges for superior protection
  • Built in capturable preset safety relief valve