Why choose Miller® | Smith Equipment®

In this section you will find strong and detailed reasons to choose Miller® | Smith Equipment® as your preferred oxy-fuel equipment for good. If you want to know more about Oxy-Fuel Equipment Operation and Safety we invite you to visit our support section.

Smith Equipment® has more than 100 years of experience in oxyfuel products and is widely known for the safety of its premium torches and tips. Now, rebranded as Miller® | Smith Equipment®, these products only get better and better.

But, since other brands also offer oxyfuel and gas equipment related products, you may wonder why is such a wise decision to choose Miller® | Smith Equipment®. Let’s describe in detail, and both text and images, our torches, regulators and tips, so you can get acquainted with them and take the best decision: Use only Miller® | Smith Equipment® for good.

In this video you will receive valuable product information that can help you to know better and trust Miller® | Smith Equipment®, which is the Oxy-Fuel equipment with the safest design and reliability in the market.

Plasma vs. Oxy-Fuel: Which metal cutting option is right for you?

Both plasma cutting and oxy-fuel are well known processes to cut metals. Now, they have differences, and the one right for you depends on a number of factors, like alloy, thickness, location, variety of work, power, resources, costs, and so on.

In this short video our hosts explain the advantages and possibilities of each one based on the type of use you are going to implement. If after watching this video you come to the conclusion that oxy-fuel is suitable for your workshop, we invite you to see our outfits, so you can get started with oxy-fuel as soon as possible.

This is the oxy-fuel equipment with the world's safest design and reliability

Miller® | Smith Equipment® has always been designed with safety in mind. You can be sure of the reliability of these equipment throughout the years. Take a further look at some of its main features.

Our tips are 100-percent tested and inspected and are the longest lasting tips you can buy…

Torches have silver-brazed joints to provide overall strength and rigidity for safe performance under rugged conditions…

Miller® | Smith Equipment® has heavy and medium duty as well as single, two and three stages regulators, among others…

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