Proportional Gas Mixers

Accurate TIG and MIG weld shielding gas mixing

Various welding processes require different gas mixes for the best performance. Our proportional gas mixer provides accurate mixing (±2% of scale), and allows custom mixtures for producing optimal welds. Convenient chart on top provides proper settings for argon/CO2, argon/helium, argon/oxygen and CO2/oxygen.

Easy operation, training and supervision in welding applications

Whether you are using a single welder or a manifold system supplying many welders, operation is simple and easy to use. Ideal for training all personnel regarding shielded gas mixtures because they can see the effect of various gas mixtures on weld appearance, quality and penetration.

Eliminates stocking and handling pre-mixed gases

On-site mixing of gases with our proportional gas mixer eliminates stocking and handling of costly premixed gases. Individual gases can be mixed for specific welding or other industrial requirements resulting in improved performance.

Reduces set-up time

No need to change cylinders, regulators, flowmeters or hoses when changing from one range of mixed gas to another. Just turn the dial for whatever mixture you need.

No gas separation!

Pre-mixed gases may separate (stratify) into the individual gases within the cylinder. Our proportional gas mixer eliminates gas stratification to always give you an accurate mixture.

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