In this section you will find valuable information about Oxy-Fuel equipment operation and safety and download manuals and parts for each one of the Miller® | Smith Equipment® products. We invite you to check out why choose Miller® | Smith Equipment® as your preferred oxy-fuel equipment.

Preparation and Safety

In these two videos, you can see how to prepare, set up, lighting, and shut down an Oxy-Fuel System. Also, an explanation on how to identify reverse flow and how to shut down a sustained backfire. All the basics are covered here to get started with Oxy-Fuel systems.

Preparation and Setup of an Oxy-fuel System

Lighting, Setting and Shutting Down

Reverse Flow

Identifying and Shutting Down a Sustained Backfire

Manuals & Parts

In this section you will find owners’manuals, parts breakdowns, pocket guides and spec sheets. Feel free to download.

Download here the comprehensive Miller® | Smith Equipment® Oxy-Fuel  Safety Manual.

Download here the Miller’s True Blue® Limited Warranty for Oxy-Fuel and Pressure Regulation Equipment.

This is the oxy-fuel equipment with the world's safest design and reliability

Miller® | Smith Equipment® has always been designed with safety in mind. You can be sure of the reliability of these equipment through the years. Take a further look at some of its main features. Learn more about why choose Miller® | Smith Equipment®.

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