Oxy-Fuel Specialty Outfits

Among the Oxy-Fuel Specialty Outfits there are the Little Torch™, Quickbraze®, Versa-Torch™ , and Handi-Heet®.

The Little Torch™ is top precision and control for your smallest oxy-fuel jobs. Designed for Precision. Unmatched Flexibility. Meets Strict Manufacturing Standards.

Range of tip orifices provide wide spectrum of flame length and heat output for various metals and thickness. Variety of settings produces  controlled flame that melts up to three ounces of gold or silver.

Works with different tank sizes of commercially available oxy-fuel systems from large pressurized cylinders to smaller disposable types. Superior flexible hoses connect to standard pressure regulator for a variety of projects.

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Quickbraze® are the oxy-fuel outfits for all the refrigeration / air conditioning jobs.

Brazes solenoid and expansion valves so quickly that heat is unable to transfer to internal parts, protecting them from damage and eliminating the need for messy and costly heat sink materials.

Twin flame tips solder coil return bends quickly and evenly; concentrated heat will not heat and loosen surrounding joints. Twin flame “C” Style tips quickly braze reversing valves without burning internal components.

Revolutionary patented “C” style tips provide 100% flame wrap for fast, efficient, even heating. Heat produced is confined to the joint area protecting surroundings from burning. “C” style tips also assure even heat on the blind side of the braze joint.

Accumulators can be brazed extremely fast by simply laying the patented “C” style tip near the joint.

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These complete, portable oxy-acetylene outfits weigh less than 35 pounds, and are housed in polyethylene carriers designed for mobility and ease of storage.

These outfits are capable of performing many welding, brazing or soldering operations, as well as precision cutting. The Versa-Torch™ with a broad selection of attachments available, is ideal for many specialty applications.

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Handi-Heet™ soldering outfits provide fast heat with acetylene and atmospheric air. It is not sensitive to temperature changes.

Handi-Heet™ is an acetylene/air kit for heating, soldering, brazing, and sweating.

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