Series 810

The Series 810 are these regulators designed to control high pressures from a wide variety of non-corrosive gases. Typical applications for this regulator include purging and charging, calibration kits, R&D laboratories, high pressure testing, chemical plants and manufacturing processes.

The piston sensor design provides structural reliability in high pressure use. Low torque control adjusting knob permits easy adjustment of pressures in closed or dead end systems.

Series 810 Design Features

  • Adjustable knob for easy low torque adjustment of pressure
  • Nickel plated body and bonnet for superior protection
  • 2-1/2″ single scale gauges for easy and accurate reading
  • Capturable vent port in bonnet to capture and vent away gases 1/16″ FNPT
  • Bonnet is threaded for a front panel mounting
  • Body is tapped for rear panel mounting