About Ifexport as Miller® | Smith Equipment® Wholesaler

Ifexport was founded in the US in 1997 with the purpose of becoming a welding, cutting and finishing supplier for distributors around the world.

Since 2014 Ifexport has been a Preferred International Authorized Miller® | Smith Equipment® Wholesaler and is committed to fulfill an extensive distribution channel around the world.

Learn more about Ifexport in its official website.

About Miller® | Smith Equipment®

Smith Equipment® has long been known for its premium torches and tips. Smith Equipment Manufacturing was founded by Elmer Smith in 1916 in a garage in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It began building a line of oxy-fuel welding and cutting equipment.

In the 1950s, the business was expanded to include new lines of products. Later, in 1981 was relocated to Watertown, South Dakota. In 1998 Smith Equipment was acquired by Illinois Tool Works (ITW) and in 2013 the Smith Equipment line of oxy-fuel cutting products was consolidated under the Miller® brand.

As the leader in welding and cutting technology, Miller® has always made it a top priority to provide the very best solutions to the industry — no matter how challenging the application. With that very principle in mind, we are expanding our metal cutting technology offering to include oxy-fuel equipment.

Today Miller® | Smith Equipment® manufactures an extensive line of oxy-fuel, gas regulation, cutting, welding and heating equipment as well as specialty gas regulators, gas mixers, jewelers torches and aircraft pitot tubes.

Miller® | Smith Equipment® has a commitment to manufacturing the most reliable equipment in the industry, as well as providing the best technical and customer service support. You can be assured that you will now find the best products to meet your oxy-fuel equipment needs, whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourselfer.