Oxy-Fuel Industrial Regulators

Miller® | Smith Equipment® has heavy and medium duty as well as single, two and three stages regulators, among others.

Construction features

These regulators have seven key features, which are:

1) Resin bonnet insert

Allows smooth, easy adjustment even at high-pressure levels.

2) Stainless steel diaphragm

Resists corrosion, leaking and freeze-up if used with liquid (cryogenic) gases for extended service life. Note: Series 30 has neoprene composite diaphragm.

3) Color-coded labels

Supply performance capabilities, easy gas service identification and technical information.

4) External relief valve

Protects regulator from damage due to inadvertent high-pressure surge. Relief valve will release excessive pressure and automatically reset.

5) Nickel-plated bonnet

Along with brass body protect against corrosion.

6) Shatter-resistant gauge lenses

2.5-inch corrosion-resistant polished brass gauges with shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Note: Series 30 has 2-inch painted steel gauges.

7) Dual filters including Sure Seat™

Protect high-pressure seat from debris for reliable operation and long service life.