Series AW200

The Series AW200 is for general-purpose standard-duty welding/brazing tips. Shorter, lighter and easier to handle. O-ring replacement: AW15 (package of 25).

Fuel gases for the AW200 Series

These tips may also be used for brazing with acetylene-based fuels and propylene-based fuel gases. When using these gases, select a tip two sizes larger than recommended for the same work as acetylene.

Compatible torch handles for the AW200 Series

  • AW1A
  • AW10A
Welding Capacity
Inches (mm)
Consumption (SCFH)
Consumption (SCFH)
Drill Size
AW201Up to 1/32 (0.7)2.32.371
AW2035/64 (1.9)3.23.267
AW2051/8 (3)6657
AW2073/16 (5)121254
AW2093/8 (10)232349
AW2101/2 (13)363644
Tip number AW201
Welding Capacity Inches (mm)Up to 1/32 (0.7)
Consumption (SCFH) Oxygen2.3
Consumption (SCFH) Acetylene2.3
Drill Size71
Tip number AW203
Welding Capacity Inches (mm)5/64 (1.9)
Consumption (SCFH) Oxygen3.2
Consumption (SCFH) Acetylene3.2
Drill Size67
Tip number AW205
Welding Capacity Inches (mm)1/8 (3)
Consumption (SCFH) Oxygen6
Consumption (SCFH) Acetylene6
Drill Size57
Tip number AW207
Welding Capacity Inches (mm)3/16 (5)
Consumption (SCFH) Oxygen12
Consumption (SCFH) Acetylene12
Drill Size54
Tip number AW209
Welding Capacity Inches (mm)3/8 (10)
Consumption (SCFH) Oxygen23
Consumption (SCFH) Acetylene23
Drill Size49
Tip number AW210
Welding Capacity Inches (mm)1/2 (13)
Consumption (SCFH) Oxygen36
Consumption (SCFH) Acetylene36
Drill Size44

*Consumption (SCFH: cubic feet per hour) figures represent the average volumes of gases consumed when acetylene is added until sooty smoke just disappears from the acetylene flame prior to opening the oxygen valve and adjusting to a neutral flame.