Flowmeter Regulators

Miller® | Smith Equipment® flowmeter regulators are 100-percent tested and inspected, and provide unmatched gas control and accuracy. Flowmeter regulators are available in multiple scales for use with all major shielding gases to cover most MIG or TIG welding applications.

Miller® | Smith Equipment® premium flowmeter regulators feature an exclusive self-centering ball guide which provides accurate readings even if tipped. This ensures optimum weld quality and gas savings. Others use a non-self-centering flow tube ball that tends to float off center causing actual gas flow to be over two times greater than indicated.

Premium Flowmeter Regulators

Rugged medium-duty industrial-grade regulators provide efficient and accurate regulation, and include our exclusive self-centering flowball.

They are constructed with our exclusive Sure Seat™ filtered seat technology for extended seat and regulator life. Filtered seats prevent contamination from entering the seating area, reducing repair costs and downtime. Filtered seats also reduce CO2 freeze-up. Provides high argon flow capacity up to 80 SCFH.

Economy Flowmeter Regulators

Exceptional value and compact design. Provides precise shielding gas regulation for MIG and TIG welding applications and more. Shatter-resistant polycarbonate flow tube is repositionable for easy reading and features triple-scale for argon, helium and argon/CO2.

It has a packless o-ring flow tube seal which reduces maintenance and a built-in rupture disc reduces possibility of flow tube damage due to high-pressure inlet surge. Precision flow-adjustment valve allows easy adjustment to desired setting.

Dual Flowmeter Regulator

Dual flowmeter regulator has a back-pressure compensated flow tube with shatter-resistant polycarbonate cover. It is repositionable for easy reading and features triple scale for argon, helium and argon/CO2. Features include sensitive needle valve for fine adjustment and a 2-inch (51 mm) gauge.

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