Series MW411

The MW411 Series is a general-purpose medium-duty brazing tip designed specifically for use with propane or propane-based mixture fuel gases with oxygen.

This tip is used for brazing applications and casting platinum. O-ring replacement: MW15 (package of 25).

Authentic Miller® | Smith Equipment® tips are available in a wide variety of sizes and fuel gases for all of your heating, cutting, brazing, and welding needs.

Compatible torch handles

  • WH100
  • MW5A
  • CW5A
Welding Range
Inches (mm)
Consumption (SCFH)
Consumption (SCFH)
MW4111/2–5/8 (13–16)51.91.3
Tip number MW411
Welding Range Inches (mm)1/2–5/8 (13–16)
Consumption (SCFH) Oxygen51.9
Consumption (SCFH) Fuel1.3