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Designed for Safety. Quality Construction. The smart choice. Known worldwide as the safest and most reliable premium equipment for heating, cutting, brazing, and welding.

The key applications of Miller® | Smith Equipment®

Time and again Miller® | Smith Equipment®, has proven to be the safest and most reliable option whatever the application you need. See all the applications.

Take a deeper look at some Miller® | Smith Equipment® exclusive products and technologies

Smith Equipment® has more than 100 years of experience in oxyfuel products and is widely known for the safety of its premium torches and tips. Now, rebranded as Miller® | Smith Equipment®, these products only get better and better. See here a few examples.

Toughcut™ outfits are capable of performing almost any cutting, welding, brazing or heating operation within the array of general and special-purpose tip options available.

Graf-Tite® makes every tip practically indestructible and withstand extremely high temperatures, for a longer tip life.

Encapsulated regulator seat for reliable protection against debris.

Can help you realize huge savings by eliminating wasted gas during torch start-up/shut-down and between flame applications.

Extra-heavy-duty torches are 100-percent tested and inspected, and are ideal for scrap and demolition cutting.

Since other brands also offer oxyfuel and gas equipment related products, you may wonder why is such a wise decision to choose Miller® | Smith Equipment®.

These are the oxy-fuel equipment with the world's safest design and reliability

Miller® | Smith Equipment® has always designed with safety in mind. You can be sure of the reliability of these equipment throught the years. Take a further look to some of its main features.

Our tips are 100-percent tested and inspected and are the longest lasting tips you can buy…

Torches have silver-brazed joints to provide overall strength and rigidity for safe performance under rugged conditions…

Miller® | Smith Equipment® has heavy and medium duty as well as single, two and three stages regulators, among others…

There are several countries on each continent where you can find the whole catalog of Miller® | Smith Equipment® 

Find quickly the Miller® | Smith Equipment® product series you are looking for

Miller® | Smith Equipment® products have been developed and organized by series, to fulfill all possible needs. See all the series.

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